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Jim Harbaugh Could Reportedly Be Suspended For the Entire 2024 Season

Rob Stone: “How did this whole [Michigan] settlement come about?” 

Bruce Feldman: “Mid-week, Michigan was all-in to battle the Big Ten, and then late-Wednesday night I’m told they got spooked. They had learned that the Big Ten had really damning evidence and they did a 180. Michigan decided they were going to accept the three-game suspension of Jim Harbaugh. Part of this, I’m told, is the component that the Big Ten would no longer seek further punishment and let the NCAA process play out going forward. What that means is the NCAA still has a lot of this investigation to go, and that there will be nothing that the Big Ten can do it about, not only until the investigation wraps, but until punishments are handed down from the NCAA. That is a long time from now.” 

Stone: “What do you see as Harbaugh’s future over the course of this season and what lies beyond for him?” 

Feldman: “This is a guy who has flirted hard with the [NFL] the last two offseasons. Remember, he met with the Minnesota Vikings on Signing Day no less, two years ago, and then last year was courted by the Broncos and opted to stay with Michigan because he really wanted to coach this team – that everybody came back for this group. Going forward it’s going to be interesting because he still has an NCAA investigation from recruiting violations from the COVID dead period that the NCAA still is after him about. Now you have this Connor Stallings signal-stealing story that they’re dealing with. If he’s still the coach at Michigan, it would not be surprising if Jim Harbaugh could be suspended for the bulk of the 2024 season I’m told. Remember, Jim Harbaugh is a wildly successful head coach in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if somebody else comes after him and he decides ‘you know what, the timing is right, maybe I gotta make the move.'"


Urban Meyer: “The first time I heard this – and this is one of the reasons I didn’t comment on it – is I didn’t believe it. When you start talking about some guy wearing a hat at a Central Michigan game dressed up like a Central Michigan coach, and then full beard and the next day he’s clean-shaven on the Wolverines sideline. Then thirty tickets to other games – I just never, ever heard of that. The reality is that their coach is suspended, they fired their linebacker coach. The positive is I think there is clarity for the Wolverine players. The reality is that they got a guy fired last week; a coach that is a big part of your team.” 

Colin Cowherd: “I could see them keeping Harbaugh off the field next year, I could see 20 scholarship losses over two years... What would feel reasonable? Is it a vacate the natty, is it vacating wins?” 

Meyer: “I think the vacate stuff is silly. I talked to Matt Leinart about that, I think they had something vacated and they don’t consider it ‘vacated.’ They don’t care, the players did it [won the games]. I’m just skeptical on making a comment because how deep does this really go? I’ve heard it as ‘deep, deep’, and I’ve heard it’s not that deep, where it’s just a rogue guy doing it. Which is kind of hard for me to believe that some guy is just out there on the sideline talking to your coordinators and no one is aware of what he did. I want to remain to be seen what the depth is. If it’s as deep as what I’m hearing, I heard that there’s a chance he won’t coach there next year for that season.” 

Watch college football insider Bruce Feldman and former NCAA National Champion winning head coach and FOX Sports analyst Urban Meyer discuss the developments of Michigan football’s signal-stealing scandal that has become the biggest talking point during a Wolverines season that could controversially culminate in the school’s first national championship since 1997. 

Check out the segment above as both Feldman and Meyer believe that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh could be suspended for the entirety of next season when the NCAA continues where the Big Ten left off in investigating the program for illicit sign-stealing. 

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