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Jason Whitlock: Deion Sanders is Ruining His Son, Shedeur's Football Career

Jason Whitlock: “We just watched a team lose eight of its last nine games and finish in last place of the Pac-12 conference. We watched the quarterback of that team run around and be a little jerk on the field, flaunt his wealth, and act like a spoiled, pampered, and entitled little rich Johnny Manziel... And at no point during this entire season did the head coach – who had no problem calling out the offensive line, had no problem calling out his soft defense, had no problem calling out Cormani McClain, had no problem demoting Sean Lewis and blaming him – at any point did the head coach of the Colorado football team put any blame on his quarterback? Even after the game in which his son did not play and the backup quarterback came in and played lights out, Deion celebrated Shedeur after every game. When the season was over, instead of talking about what Colorado needs and what this entire team needs, he came out and said ‘we know what Shedeur needs.' This young man has been afflicted with daddy issues. When they turn this kid over to the NFL and he gets a taste of life without daddy coddling him at every turn it won’t be pretty. I don't know all the history with Shedeur and Deion, I know Deion has his own daddy issues. He didn't know his [father] and I don't think his stepfather was some great guy either. Deion has made a mess here. Deion has coddled his son to the point where he’s not liked in that locker room and he’s not connected to anyone in that locker room other than Shilo, his daddy, and Travis Hunter a little bit. He’s untouchable, he’s aloof, he’s uncoachable, he’s petulant, he’s entitled, and he’s spoiled because that’s what his daddy has allowed. I had a former NFL player hop in my DMs on Instagram and said ‘DEION IS SHOWING ME THE BLUEPRINT ON HOW TO RAISE A CHILD AND WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AS A FATHER!’... No, he’s not... If you really want to be a great father, focus the majority of your energy on the first five years of that child’s life.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV's Fearless discuss the 'daddy issues' he believes ruined the Colorado football locker room during the Buffaloes' epic fall from grace the final two months of the season, as Whitlock calls out Deion Sanders for setting up his son, Shedeur to be football's next version of Todd Marinovich, an infamous former NFL Draft bust who was nicknamed 'Robo QB' because of the influence his overbearing father had on his upbringing and football development.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock explains why he thinks Deion is 'poisoning' his son and leading him down a perditious road that could cost Shedeur his entire football career.

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