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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams After Week 12

Watch Colin Cowherd release his Week 12 NFL ‘Herd Hierarchy’, with Colin counting down his rankings of the top 10 teams heading into Week 13.

10. Denver Broncos (6-5, Last Week: Unranked): “Right now, Denver is a top 10 team. 5-0 since Week 7, and four of the five teams they've beaten have winning records. They're allowing only 16 points a game and have the best turnover-differential in the league. Excellent backs, power football, young and athletic defense, good enough receivers."
9. Buffalo Bills (6-6, Last Week: 9): "Six of their losses are by six points. Josh Allen leads the NFL with 24 touchdown passes, 13 picks, and 16 total giveaways. They're the most penalized team in the NFL. They're Mike Tyson -- they will knock you out in the first round or lose a close fight late because they're bad on the details. But you can't tell me they're not a top 10 team in the league, they had Philadelphia beat about three different times."
8. Miami Dolphins (8-3, Last Week: Unranked): “They're the speed boat of the NFL. They're 1-3 against teams that are .500 and better, but if I'm going to support Russell Wilson with Sean Payton, I gotta support Tua with Mike McDaniel. Tua under Mike McDaniel is 16-8, with a 67% completion percentage, and passer rating of 104.6."
7. Detroit Lions (8-3, Last Week: 6): “Love their offensive line and ability to control the clock with the run game. Jared Goff has gotten sloppy in the last couple weeks. They have a hole on this team that is going to take them out of the Super Bowl running -- they're bad on the back end of their defense, and I don't think their coaching staff can solve it."
6. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-3, Last Week: 7): "Least penalized team in the NFL this year, and are the only undefeated team on the road, 6-0. I like Jacksonville but do I think they can win a Super Bowl? No, that's my top 4 teams in the league."
5. Dallas Cowboys (8-3, Last Week: 5): “They crushed the teams that they should and you do get credit for that. They have played the easiest schedule in the NFL and have beaten up on the dregs of the league, but you get credit for that. Over his last five games Dak has been terrific -- 18 TDs, 2 picks."
4. Baltimore Ravens (9-3, Last Week: 3): "They have the number one rushing offense and the number two scoring defense. They're fast, they're physical, and opposing quarterbacks only have a 72 passer rating; the lowest in the league."
3. Kansas City Chiefs (8-3, Last Week: 2): "Keep your eye on Rashee Rice, looks like he could be their number one receiver. A former second-round pick, his growth is really interesting. Let's be fair, they've played the second-hardest schedule."
2. San Francisco 49ers (8-3, Last Week: 4): "When Trent Williams plays, they win -- 8-1. They lead the NFL in turnover-differential. I think they have the most weapons in the NFL. Philadelphia beats everyone narrowly, but they can blow people out if they have their people."
1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1, Last Week: 1) "Thirty-one consecutive weeks they've had the best record in the league. It's choppy, it's inartistic, but they're 7-1 in one-score games. Their o-line and d-line combination is excellent. They are not a perfect team, you can beat them downfield."

Dropped from rankings: Texans #8, Browns #10

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