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Jason Whitlock: Deion Sanders Made His 'Entitled' Son, Shedeur Undraftable

Jason Whitlock: “Deion has his own daddy issues because he didn’t have one and he didn’t seek proper instructions on how to be one. He’s doing the best he can, but right now he’s a helicopter parent. I’ve been following the Colorado football team very closely this season and I communicate with others who have been following and who are involved in the Colorado football season very closely. As the season has played out I’ve been provided information about what’s really going on at Colorado and what the real issues are. I’ve been a bit of a journalist trying to get informed so I don’t look like a clown like a lot of these people who have no information and basically base all their opinions off of ‘HEY, IS THIS GOING TO BE POPULAR ON TWITTER?? AM I GOING TO GET CRITICIZED ON TWITTER IF I SAY THESE THINGS!?’... This helicopter parent who won’t let his kids out of the nest, who has put together an alleged coaching career so that he can helicopter parent Shedeur's entire football career from a little child all through college, he’s been poisoning Shedeur. It’s my understanding based off of people who know, people with knowledge of what’s been going on at Colorado and what went on at Jackson State that the Colorado football team has two sets of rules -- one for everybody NOT named ‘Sanders’ and one for everybody else, with Travis Hunter being the exception, but he can be the exception based off of all the information I have acquired – Travis Hunter is a great young man. There is one set of rules for everybody else, then there are the ‘Sanders Rules.’ Shedeur has been allowed to operate above the rules. Oh, everybody has to be on time for meetings? NOT Shedeur. From what I understand, the week of the Washington State game Colorado had a horrendous week of practice. On one of these days they shut down practice and said ‘everybody get on the line, we’re just going to run you.’ This is commonplace when coaches get fed up and don’t think the team is ready. Everybody gets on the line and Shedeur walks into the locker room with no consequences. The whole team was being punished and Shedeur walks in the locker room. Is Shedeur a first-round quarterback? I don’t know because I’ve been inundated with so much propaganda that I don’t know. I’ve been asking other people that haven't been as blinded and have a more close-up and intimate view of what’s been transpiring. They say ‘yeah, he’s got first-round talent, but he’s got an undraftable personality.’ This can’t be talked about in the media that 'baby Johnny Manziel', the guy that’s been running around flashing his $80,000 watch back when they were winning games, they say this dude is a nightmare because his helicopter daddy has allowed him to be an entitled nightmare. We’ve got daddy issues that when they finally push Shedeur out of the nest and he has to go to the NFL and survive without his dad being the helicopter coach and parent, the word is ‘you better buckle up because Deion has coddled this kid to the point that he may be uncoachable.’ The big issue that is going to face Shedeur Sanders when he goes to the NFL is he’s got Jalen Hurts’ talent but he’s got Johnny Manziel’s personality. Hurts is one of the greatest leaders, and greatest young men we’ve ever seen in college athletics and in the NFL. It’s all the intangibles. Shedeur doesn’t have those things. Shedeur has been helicopter parented throughout his entire NFL career. We’re looking at major daddy issues.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he thinks Deion Sanders is ruining his son, Shedeur’s football career before our very eyes, as Whitlock compares Coach Prime to the father of Todd Marinovich, a troubled former NFL Draft bust that was aggressively and often inappropriately groomed to be a football player from the day he was born. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Shedeur an ‘entitled nightmare’ who is now ‘undraftable’, and offers up insider information into the fracture of the Colorado locker room that has seen Shedeur take advantage of significant preferential treatment over the rest of the team.

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