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Lakers Hanging In-Season Tournament Banner Embarrassed Their Franchise

Ben Maller: “The once proud and decorated Lakers franchise... Everyone tells me how great they are; that they ‘do things differently’. My entire life I was told this is not like the ‘other teams’, they don’t celebrate faux championships and individual things, no -- it’s all about the team championship, it’s not about a conference championship or division title. That’s what those ‘other teams’ do. ‘WE’RE BETTER THAN THEM! WE’RE THE EFFING LAKERS!’... The Lakers unveiled their NBA In-season Tournament ‘championship’ banner. HAHAHAHA! They had a video tribute featuring highlights of LA’s 7-0 run through he tournament. HAHAHAH! They actually did this! 7-0 RUN CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER! SEVEN-GAME BANNER! THE LAKERS! HAHA! They put the trophy on a table so the players could gather around their little seven-game trophy. HAHAHAHA, it is so good. This is comedy gold, everyone is laughing at the Lakers. I could not be happier today as a Laker hater, this is the greatest day as a Laker hater. Everyone who knows about sport and competition knows what a new low this is for the Laker franchise. They raised a BANNER for a seven-game title. The basketball Gods were mocking the Lakers losing to a second-rate Knicks team that night. My entire life I have been fed by Laker lapdogs and suck-ups that the Lakers are ‘cut from a different cloth’ and they’re ‘just better than everyone else’, and they ‘don’t do what other teams do’ with their minor celebrations. No team in NBA history has embarrassed themselves more the Los Angeles Lakers. They’re an embarrassment and this was a joke. The Lakers have now turned to gimmicks. The Lakers jumped the shark on a random Monday night in December and raised a seven-effing-game banner, cheapening everything else that they’ve ever had for that franchise. That is the downfall of the Lakers. It’s bad enough they didn't celebrate championships they didn’t win. They've only won 11 – you didn't win the ones in Minneapolis, and the Bubble one doesn't count, so you keep counting these faux championships, and now you’re saying HOLD MY BEER to the four championships, and saying 'WE’RE GOING TO CELEBRATE A SEVEN-GAME TITLE!’ The level of embarrassment... It’s one thing to celebrate the little Mickey Mouse ring when they had four months off so LeBron could rest his old body and the fragile Anthony Davis can rest up... That wasn’t even a legitimate championship and now this?? This is unbelievable. Kobe Bryant is rolling over in his grave right now. He’s spinning like a top thinking about this nonsense that the Lakers have become. That’s an indictment of Jeanie Buss and the people running the franchise. It’s an embarrassment and a sad day – the death of the Lakers franchise.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio’s The Ben Maller Show mock the Los Angeles Lakers franchise for celebrating a banner-hanging ceremony for their victory in the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, starting a scornful rant about how embarrassed the Lakers should be for immortalizing such a paltry accomplishment.

Check out the segment above as Maller calls the cringe-worthy ceremony the ‘death of the Lakers franchise’, and the beginning of sad era of participation trophies that now take precedence over actual championships.

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