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Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre Reveal Their Early NFL Wild Card Picks

Watch Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre on FS1’s The Herd discuss their early picks and predictions for the upcoming NFL Wild Card round. 

Browns at Texans – Saturday, 4:30 PM ET, FOX 

Colin Cowherd: “It’s kind of a go-either-way game for me. I think the better roster is Cleveland. Offensive coach, better roster, Cleveland is favored and I would probably take them. All the wiseguys and the sharps loved the Colts last weekend and CJ Stroud was the better player. I probably lean Cleveland.”

Jason McIntyre: “I bet the Browns at -2. I’m just fading a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach in their first playoff game.” 

Dolphins at Chiefs – Saturday, 8:00 PM ET, Peacock 

Cowherd: “I do think the Dolphins have a chance because Kansas City hasn’t played well for three months. The weather does favor Kansas City, I think they probably win. Kansas City is like Philadelphia; I keep waiting for them to play a great game. The difference is Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni. I think it’s possible that Kansas City puts it together, I like them.” 

McIntyre: “Most of the Kansas City guys sat out [Week 18], so they will kind of get that Bye Week that they’ve had the last few years. I’ll go Chiefs here.” 

Steelers at Bills – Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS 

Cowherd: “Steelers/Bills is probably cold and low scoring. I think Pittsburgh will keep it close for awhile because of their defense. Tomlin is a great underdog coach, a motivator, but ultimately, you have such a quarterback mismatch, I’d go Bills.” 

McIntyre: “Do you remember when the Steelers went to KC a few years ago in a playoff game and it was like a plucky Pittsburgh team and they lost by like 30? I think Buffalo wins handily. I bet them -9.5, -10, I think this game is a blowout, 37-10 or something.” 

Packers at Cowboys – Sunday, 4:30 ET, FOX 

Cowherd: “Dallas will win easily or upset for the Packers. I can see Green Bay, house money, winning, or I could see it going sideways very fast for the youngest team in the playoffs. I think Dallas is a little like Miami. We think offensively they’re better than they are. In the end, Miami can’t score against good defenses and against winning teams. Dallas’ offensive because of their flash – it's really just CeeDee Lamb. If you hold CeeDee Lamb to six catches, eight targets, 80-90 yards, no touchdowns, what’s the offense in Dallas? I could see it going downhill for a young playoff team, or I could see Green Bay going in there and being crazy twitchy fast and fun.” 

McIntyre: “I would agree with that. I would be worried about Mike McCarthy in a close game in the fourth quarter getting tight and conservative. Jaire Alexander, CeeDee Lamb – if Alexander plays to what he can do, he was a top cornerback in the league but hasn’t been this year.” 

Cowherd: “I’ll go Lions [home vs. Rams], and Eagles [away vs. Bucs], you like Rams/Eagles.” 

Check out the full segment above.

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