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Jason Whitlock Calls Stephen A. Smith a 'Pathological Liar' and 'Clown'

Jason Whitlock: “I’ve been on this topic and explaining to you all what a clown Stephen A. Smith is. There are many of you that don’t want to address what I brought out about Stephen A. Smith because it’s your job to defend elite ignorance. Stephen A. Smith makes a lot of money, he works for ESPN, he’s been ‘installed’ at the top, and you’re a worshiper, so it bothers you when I point out Stephen A. Smith’s flaws... Stephen A. is all over the internet talking about how he never played at Winston-Salem State.  

Stephen A. Smith: ‘I was on a basketball scholarship at Winston Salem State University. My first year there I cracked my kneecap in half and I was never able to play again... Everybody teased me about ‘1.5 points a game’ -- NO, it was less. I never played because I cracked my kneecap in half. You ignorant asses didn’t know. I still have a six-inch screw in it to this very day. They said I averaged ‘1.5 points per game.’ THAT’S A LIE. I averaged zero because I NEVER played. I don’t think I would have been pro, but I knew I could ball, and I thought that I would have excelled at the Division-II level. Division-I level – I was like 5’9”, 130 pounds.” 

Whitlock: This guy is really good at stretching the truth and saying things that are far-fetched. People are really good at just nodding their head along -- ‘WELL, IT’S STEPHEN A. SMITH, HE’S ELITE! HE MAKES A LOT OF MONEY! I CAN’T QUESTION HIM! HE’S POPULAR! WE HAVE TO MAKE A SUCCESSFUL PODCAST SO I JUST HAVE TO NOD MY HEAD WHILE HE SAYS FARCICAL THINGS!’... We’ve got Stephen A. Smith on three different podcasts [saying] ‘I NEVER PLAYED A GAME.’ He’s adamant about that. Why is there a ‘Stephen Smith’ on the ‘90-’91 Winston-Salem State yearbook stat-sheet credited with playing nine games? Who is THAT ‘Stephen Smith’? You go to the NCAA archives, that 'Steve Smith' is credited with playing ten games. This isn’t just a tiny little lie. Who is this other Steve Smith? Is the entire story fraudulent? Because that’s the only logical conclusion to reach – is that Stephen A. Smith’s whole Winston-Salem State career is a fraudulent. Some people are calling the ‘Wilt Chamberlain’ Stephen A. Smith picture photoshopped. We get this picture [Stephen A. Smith’s basketball headshot from Winston-Salem State’s yearbook] over and over again. Where are the candid photos of Stephen A. Smith just on the college campus hanging out with his buddies or friends? At homecoming? Where are those pics? Every time this man’s on TV and has talked about going to Winston-Salem State, all we get are the ‘Wilt Chamberlain’ photos. Think about your college experience. How many pictures do you have from college? The only picture you can produce is a head-shot from the basketball team?? We can’t just see you and your boys hanging out at a HBCU? I wanna know who the ‘Steve Smith’ is on the stat-sheet. The more I watch these videos of Stephen A. Smith, the lying seems pathological, and it makes you wonder ‘why has he been installed the top?’ Is it because he’s so comfortable stretching the truth? Is that who they need at the top of all these influential positions? People very comfortable playing loose with the facts and the truth?”  

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out ESPN studio host Stephen A. Smith for potentially boasting a completely fabricated story of his college basketball career at Winston-Salem State, with Whitlock saying Smith’s claims of never playing because of a ‘cracked kneecap' don’t line up with the actual stat-sheet from the 1990-1991 Winston-Salem State basketball team that say 'Stephen Smith' played in nine games and scored just 15 points.

Check out the video above as Whitlock calls Smith a ‘pathological liar’ and wonders that if Smith would lie about his college basketball career, should we begin to question most of Smith’s far-fetched upbringing?

The segment continues the sweltering Whitlock-Smith feud that has saturated social media the last month, with Whitlock recently calling Smith 'intellectually limited' after Smith spent most of last week unloading on 'fat bastard' Whitlock, and saying his former ESPN colleague was 'worse than a White supremacist.'

Whitlock had originally named Smith when referencing the explosive recent Katt Williams interview on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast where the comedian called out some of the most successful actors and musicians in the entertainment industry. Williams singled out individuals who unexpectedly 'skipped the line' to experience metaphoric rises to fame despite having very little acclaim, and labeled them ‘plants’ who people of power sought to elevate with the intention of later using as puppets to advance their handlers' agendas.

Whitlock said Smith was an ESPN 'industry plant' and was purposely installed as a left-wing shill to push liberal agendas connected to stoking racial division and pushing the COVID-19 vaccine, in exchange for a lucrative career devoid of merit.

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