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Clay Travis Says It's a Lie to Act Like Lamar Jackson Gets 'Disrespected'

Clay Travis: “Patrick Mahomes is the modern-day Tom Brady, and then there are a bunch of other quarterbacks... Josh Allen is probably the modern-day Peyton Manning, but Lamar Jackson could also be the modern-day Peyton Manning. That is, a really talented quarterback who hasn’t been able to win a Super Bowl yet and keeps falling short at the feet of the Tom Brady-esque character, which is Patrick Mahomes. There is an incentive structure to somehow argue that Lamar Jackson is ‘disrespected.’ I don’t see it at all. Lamar Jackson is probably going to win his second MVP, he’s paid like $50 million a year, and he’s still never been to a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl. That’s how we judge quarterbacks -- whether or not they have become made men and gone on to win Super Bowls. Josh Allen is clearly attacked left and right because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl. Brock Purdy nobody respects at all. Jared Goff got traded by his team because they didn’t think he was good enough to be able to win. Lamar Jackson, of the four quarterbacks remaining, is clearly the second-most respected quarterback. A lot of people don’t think Brock Purdy is any good at all. He was the last overall pick in the Draft, nobody really wanted him, and he makes almost no money. Yes, Jared Goff was the number one overall pick, but the team that drafted him was so of the opinion that he was overrated and couldn’t ever win them a Super Bowl, that they shipped him all the way to Detroit and traded him for Matthew Stafford who immediately won a Super Bowl. If Josh Allen had beaten Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson was going to be the most respected quarterback of the final four quarterbacks left. This idea that has taken route that somehow Lamar Jackson is ‘disrespected’ is directly connected to identity politics taking over in the world of sports. There are a few members of the media who are incentivized to try to make it seem like Lamar Jackson is totally disrespected because it furthers their agenda to argue that there is tremendous racism in the NFL, and racism in sports in general. You know who those guys and gals are. They have to argue that Lamar Jackson is ‘disrespected’ because otherwise they look around and they would have to say ‘Wait a minute, this is just how we treat ALL quarterbacks. If you haven’t won a Super Bowl, then you get ripped to the high heavens.' Go look at what happened to Peyton Manning before he won a Super Bowl. No quarterback has ever been ripped more in the modern NFL than Peyton Manning before he won a Super Bowl. He was ‘the guy who could never win the big game.’ Lamar Jackson is not being ‘disrespected.’ If anything, Brock Purdy and Jared Goff are by far the most disrespected. Even when Brock Purdy made the NFC Championship, a lot was being said that he wasn’t any good, that he was a ‘system quarterback’, and this was Kyle Shanahan, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey. The amount of disrespect raining down on Brock Purdy is off the charts. Lamar Jackson is one of the most respected athletes in all of America. He’s making $50 million a year, about to be a two-time NFL MVP, and he still hasn’t been to a Super Bowl or won one. Compared to Purdy and Goff there is orders of magnitude of positivity raining down upon him. The storyline of ‘HE’S DISRESPECTED’ was percolating while his team was favored by 3.5 points as the number one seed. That’s the very definition of respect. It reminded me of when Nick Saban or Kirby Smart with their Alabama or Georgia teams that are favored to win every game manages to convince their team ‘NOBODY RESPECTS YOU! EVERYBODY THINKS YOU GUYS STINK!’... And you’re looking around like ‘wait a minute, you’re favored to win ever game?? Nobody disrespects you, everybody acknowledges you’re really good.’ Two-time MVP, $50 million a year, favored by 3.5 points in the AFC Championship, it’s the absolute OPPOSITE of disrespect. If anything, he’s super respected. Just be careful what narratives you buy into, and remember – what is the incentive of the people that are selling you that narrative? How does it help THEM?” 

Watch Clay Travis of Outkick shoot down the popular media narrative that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is somehow one of the most 'disrespected' quarterbacks in the NFL, saying it's a common narrative from certain media members who consistently imply that the 'disrespect' for Lamar is bred from 'racism'.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why it's actually the opposite, and says that Lamar is lucky he's not 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who is consistently called a 'system quarterback', or Lions QB Jared Goff, who was traded by his former team the Rams because they thought he was never going to be good enough to win them a Super Bowl despite Goff having already led them within 60 minutes of doing just that.

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