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Rob Parker Says Lions Should Fire Dan Campbell After NFC Championship Gag

Rob Parker: “He’s a gambler and he likes to gamble, but I’m going to tell you this... I said on Friday that he’s done this [been aggressive on 4th down] and we’ll see if it costs the Lions. Dan Campbell cost the Lions. I’m going to call him Dan ‘Choke’ for the day. He cost them the game and I’m going to tell you why. People are saying ‘HIS AGGRESSIVENESS IS WHO HE IS! THAT’S WHY THE LIONS ARE WHO THEY ARE, AND HE CAN’T CHANGE WHAT HE’S DONE!’... If that was really the case, at the end of the first half he would have gone for the jugular when he was there. But what did he do? He in that moment understood what it meant and where you were in that game. TO GO FOR THE FIELD GOAL. San Francisco had to score three times [if Detroit elected to attempt a field goal to go up 27-10] and hold the Lions the whole way just to beat you. The degree of difficulty is too big. He didn’t go for it the first time, so you could tell his mindset was different, then he passes on a chance to go up three scores, and then with seven minutes go, you have a chance to tie the game and put points on the board after being shut out 27-0 [in the second half]. You tie the game and it’s anybody’s game. Brock Purdy could throw a pick-six, they could fumble, all kinds of things can happen... Trust me, I know the Lions’ history, former Lions players texted me saying they were ‘Lionized’ finally, but this was so cruel to Lions fans. 24-7 at the half, people were calling Las Vegas making their plane reservations, ‘OH MY GOD, THE LIONS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!’... It was going to take a colossal collapse by the Lions for this not to happen, and then Dan Campbell fed into it. People are talking about ‘WELL, THEY FUMBLED THE BALL, THEY MISSED SOME PASSES!’... That’s football, people are going to fumble, they’re going to drop the ball. We can sit here all day on every single game about a player fumbling and somebody missing a pass, but when you’re a coach in those circumstances you have to read the game, read the room... You could have had a three-score advantage with the clock ticking. Then you had given up 27-straight points... That’s where he let them down. That’s why I say it was a choke job. Dan Campbell in the biggest moment, on the biggest stage, with the brightest lights CHOKED DOWN the game, FAILED the Lions, and FAILED the city. This is FIREABLE the performance he put up. This was like last year when Brandon Staley lost a 27-0 lead in the playoffs. When they were up 27-0 [vs. Jacksonville] in the playoff, you would have thought this guy was good to go for years to come. And guess what... Not only did they lose that playoff game, but he continued to do that stuff the next season, then they didn’t make the playoffs, and now he’s out of a job. You can’t keep coaching like this. Dan Campbell let the 49ers off the hook. He said to his players after the game, and he’s spot on -- ‘this might have been our only chance.’ And this was the Lions chance. If you think the Lions are going back to the NFC Championship Game, or going to be on the cusp of the Super Bowl up 24-7 on the road again, you’re kidding yourself.” 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why he thinks Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell deserves to lose his job after a string of precarious fourth-down decisions were badly botched and proved costly for a Lions team who blew a 24-7 halftime lead to the San Francisco 49ers while they were just 30 minutes away from their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

Check out the segment above as Parker blasts Campbell for the ‘choke job’ he commandeered amidst the biggest blown lead in NFC Championship history. 

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