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Rob Parker: 49ers Should Fire 'Choker' Kyle Shanahan, Hire Bill Belichick

Rob Parker: “I think he [Kyle Shanahan] should be fired. I know people are going to be like ‘YOU CAN’T FIRE THE COACH, HE’S BEEN IN THE SUPER BOWL TWICE IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS!’... YES, you can. Sometimes you take the unknown over the known. What we know is Kyle Shanahan is a CHOKER. We know that. You can’t go ‘WELL, HE HASN’T HAD THE QUARTERBACK, THAT’S WHY HE HASN’T WON!’... He’s had double-digit leads in three Super Bowls. He was good enough to get you to the fourth quarter with seven minutes to go and a double-digit lead. It’s not like their offense isn’t moving and he doesn’t have a quarterback; he’s not making the right calls to close the games.
All he is is Marty Schottenheimer with a better haircut. That’s ALL he is. Marty Schottenheimer got run out of San Diego for the same exact thing. He couldn’t get you over the hump. Marv Levy is 98 years old and is probably saying to himself ‘I’M FINALLY OFF THE HOOK!’ He lost four straight Super Bowls and he’s saying ‘MY GOD, THANK YOU!’... Tony Dungy couldn’t get over the top with Tampa Bay. He had a great team; defensively they were unbelievable, but they could not win and get to the Super Bowl. Guess what they did? They fired Tony Dungy, hired Jon Gruden, and WON THE NEXT YEAR.
Here’s my big plan... Fire Kyle Shanahan and hire Bill Belichick. He’s sitting there! He will get you over the top! Bill Belichick is the way for the 49ers to finally win again. Belichick knows how to win, he knows how to close games out, that’s why it’s worth making the move. Bill Belichick is known for defense. The reason they haven’t been able to win is A), they don’t run the ball when you need it, and B) their defense has given up double-digit leads in the final ten minutes in three Super Bowls. Bill Belichick is the right guy.
You can’t be afraid to hold on. The nucleus of teams falls apart and you don’t have ten years to make a run. Your run might be over before you know it so you need to capitalize on it, and Kyle Shanahan has proven that he can’t get it done. This isn’t an overreaction to one chance at the Super Bowl, this is now three chances. One as an offensive coordinator where he blew a 25-point lead in the second half, and two others where he had a ten-point lead, went away from the run, and didn’t know how to close the game.
I'm convinced now and more than ever that Kyle Shanahan will NEVER win a Super Bowl. Not with this team and this situation. He might have to be Andy Reid, go somewhere else, and have Patrick Mahomes fall into your lap, and then maybe you might win. But if it’s about Kyle Shanahan making the right moves, I have zero confidence in him at this point. I would NOT keep him.”  

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why the San Francisco 49ers need to fire head coach Kyle Shanahan and hire former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why it’s become obvious that Shanahan can never lead this 49ers team over the hump, saying ‘choker’ Shanahan is already responsible for three of the most pathetic gags in Super Bowl history, and that he’s the NFL’s next Marty Schottenheimer who always comes up the smallest on the biggest stage.

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