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Rob Parker Says Adam Silver is 'By Far the Worst Commissioner in Sports'

Chris Broussard: “Do you blame Adam Silver more, or do you blame the players more?” 

Rob Parker: “This is an Adam Silver problem. I think Adam Silver is by far the worst commissioner currently in sports. I was a critic on David Stern on some stuff, but Adam Silver went the exact opposite where he gave in and was going to be the commissioner of the PLAYERS. I thought it’s bitten him in the butt. You say if you ‘give a guy an inch, he’ll take a foot’, the players have taken three feet away from Adam Silver.
We’ve seen this marquee game after marquee game [the All-Star Game] where these guys don’t play. We’ve talked about how we’re going to watch a game as soon as we get off the air, and we don’t get it because of some guy not playing. I don’t believe the commissioner has set the right parameters to let guys know that this is not good for the health of the league. It ain’t just about YOU. I know the NFL always pushed this out there... ‘PROTECT THE SHIELD’... Adam Silver has not protected the NBA. He’s let the fans down, and he’s disappointed the TV networks. This is not your dad’s NBA. I’m not trying to be Mr. old man and ‘HEY, YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!’... Things change, player empowerment, and all that... But you can’t let players damage the long-term health of the league, and after that All-Star Game you might have lost some people who were on the fence, and we’re like ‘this NBA, I can’t get wit this.’
WHAT WAS THAT?? When we don’t have competition, it’s the WWE. Is that where we’re going with the NBA? Where we’re watching fake games?? ‘GO OUT THERE AND FAKE IT!’... When you’re compared to the WWE, you’re in trouble. Adam Silver has been too lenient. I’m not saying I want a return of David Stern, but this has gone amok.” 

Watch Rob Parker and Chris Broussard of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple discuss the heavily derided 2024 NBA All-Star Game that both Rob and Chris called an ‘embarrassment’ to the NBA, with Rob going a stretch further and calling Adam Silver the ‘worst commissioner in sports’ for allowing his league to acquire even more malaise when it comes to providing a non-competitive product.

Check out the segment above as Rob torches Silver for becoming a ‘player’s commissioner’, and failing to administer regulation when it came to players forcing ‘load management’ down the sport’s throat, with the NBA All-Star Game, previously one of the most anticipated nights on the calendar, becoming another example of star players mailing it in and effectively spitting in the faces of the fans who paid to see the game's best players perform at a high level.

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