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Detroit Lions Cornerback Cameron Sutton Faces Arrest Warrant

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An arrest warrant has been issued in Florida for Detroit Lions cornerback Cameron Sutton for alleged domestic battery by strangulation, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office announced on Wednesday (March 20).

Sutton, 29, hadn't returned inquiries from the department despite multiple attempts to make contact with him, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office assistant chief communications officer Phil Martello told Lions beat writer Justin Rogers of the Detroit News.

"What we can release, that our deputies are comfortable with, is on the 7th of March is when this occurred, around 4:35 in the morning is when we got a call," Martello said. "It was a domestic violence (call) and we're not comfortable to really say who (the victim) is."

"We tried to make contact with (Sutton)," he added. "We've called him, no answer. He's been ducking us. Our deputies have exhausted all leads here. He's got vehicles and a home in a county one over from us and he's not been there and we've not been able to catch him there. So, again, it seems like he's turned his phone off or gotten rid of his phone or something because we haven't been able to get ahold of him."