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Jason Whitlock: Don't Fall For Angel Reese's Crocodile Tears and Pity Party

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Jason Whitlock: “Angel Reese has drawn the heat that is too hot for her. Leaning into this personality -- this villain, this taunter, this ‘hey, look at me!’ person; that’s why you’re attracting so much heat, that’s why people are saying nasty things to you.
Caitlin Clark is the exact same person in victory and in loss. Last year when Clark lost the national title game and Angel Reese went to taunting her, Caitlin Clark ignored it all, took the high road, told the media what they wanted to hear, and did everything she could to protect Angel Reese and protect herself because she knew if she told the truth, she’d get the kind of blow-back that she didn’t want to deal with. But when Caitlin Clark lost last year, she lost with class. When she won this year, she won with class. That’s because Caitlin Clark has parents that are discipling her. I’m not saying Angel Reese doesn’t have parents but are they discipling her properly? Is anybody correcting her? Is anybody criticizing her?
We’ve created this bubble for Black athletes, Black celebrities, and Black personalities where ‘OH, MY GOD, YOU CAN’T CRITICIZE THEM! YOU’RE HATING! YOU’RE RACIST!’... And so they don’t grow, they don’t evolve, they stay the same person. ‘I am who I am, I’m going to continue to put out all this hot air and all this energy that is going to draw heat and draw criticism because that’s just who I am!’... Then when you lose, you go to crying and you draw more attention to yourself. Angel Reese LOVES attention. You lost the game and now I'm going to go out and share with the media all the terrible things that have happened to me. Saturday, when you won, at the post-game press conference did you cry and tell everybody how awful things were? Or were you in everybody’s face, and ‘EVERYBODY WANTS TO BEAT LSU!’... Were you arrogant and putting out that in-your-face energy that will get people in your face? You could have shed them crocodile tears Saturday when you won, but you waited until you lost and now it’s ‘OH, GUYS, FEEL SORRY FOR ME, I’VE RECEIVED DEATH THREATS AND I’VE BEEN SEXUALIZED!’... Have you looked at your own Instagram page? Have you looked at the sexualized pictures you post of yourself? Angel Reese is the reason she’s getting all the blow-back and the media continues to lie to her and continues to go out of her way to protect Angel Reese.  
Angel Reese has to change. If you’re going to open up these social media accounts, have three million Instagram followers, a half million Twitter followers, and you’re going to put yourself out there personally, don’t be shocked when people start judging your personal life. Not every college basketball player is active on social media. That’s a choice that is being made. If she doesn’t want people talking about her sexuality, then don’t make your sexuality the point of your Instagram page. If you don’t want people to make assumptions about how you are off the court because of the way you behave on the court, tone it down. Don't be an in-your-face celebrator and trash talker on the court. If you talk trash, don’t be shocked that fans are going to talk trash back to you.
I just watched Caitlin Clark last year do quite a bit of trash talking, to this year doing virtually no trash talking. She yells at herself, yells at Iowa fans, she briefly yelled at referees and then her dad told her to ‘shut up’ and she quit yelling at referees. Caitlin Clark puts a completely different energy out there, doesn’t fill up her Instagram page with bikini shots, doesn’t call herself ‘Bayou Barbie’, doesn’t take the court with long fake eyelashes and a weave, and doesn’t come out there all glammed up. Caitlin Clark comes out there to play basketball and mostly people talk about her as a basketball player. She hasn’t involved herself in anything else. That option is available to Angel Reese and she took a different route. She wants attention, she wants as much money as she can get, and she’s got it, and this is what goes along with it. We need to be telling young people to quit building your lives around social media. It’s a trap. It will mentally destroy you.
The bombs that Caitlin dropped on her head demoralized her, and she was finally like ‘man, this girl is different, I've never seen anything like this, I’ve never seen a woman who can shoot 25, 26-footers at the drop of a hat and sink these shots, and there’s nothing I can do about it.’ It demoralized Angel Reese because she’s an emotional player, and that’s why she ran out of gas and became an ineffective player. I’m not giving her a pass. We wouldn’t give a man a pass who briefly twisted his ankle, came back onto the court, and was ineffective. If it had happened to Caitlin Clark, no one would be giving Caitlin Clark a pass because she’s White. We keep wondering why White people keep evolving -- because they’re allowed to be criticized, and we’re not. Everybody puts us in a little protective bubble and can’t criticize us. The point of the media, both Black and White, is to convince Black people that everything is outside your control."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out Angel Reese after her tearful press conference following LSU’s season-ending loss to Caitlin Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes, saying no one should fall for Reese’s ‘alligator tears’ when she’s monetized herself as a rabble-rousing provocateur.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out the media for creating an athlete as insufferable and oblivious as Reese, saying the media is exercising a damaging trend of coddling Black athletes while never holding them to any sort of accountability, and thus creating a flawed generation of players who never better themselves.

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