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Colin Cowherd's Five Bold Predictions For the 2024 NBA Playoffs

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Watch Colin Cowherd make his five most bold predictions for the upcoming NBA Playoffs with the Play-In Round set to begin Tuesday night.

Number One Seed Thunder Will Win at Maximum One Series

“Youngest no. 1 seed ever and VERY dependent on SGA. He's a wonderful player but he's the only guy averaging over 20, and in the playoffs defenses tighten up and you make the star really have to earn his points. They would also face the Clippers or the Mavs -- more veteran players in round two. They are not your typical number one seed. I love the decade going forward but this no. 1 seed will get extinguished very quickly."

The Suns Will Course-Correct and Knock Out the Timberwolves in Round One

“I've gone back and forth on this. First of all, Grayson Allen actually became a really, really good piece for them. Bradley Beal finally healthy has been absolutely on fire. They say 'styles makes fights'; in the NBA Playoffs -- Indiana is a bad matchup for Milwaukee -- Phoenix is a bad matchup for Minnesota. You've got guys with playoff experience, you've got Bradley Beal healthy and on fire; I think the Timberwolves get bounced in the first series."

The Clippers Will Unravel in Spectacular Fashion and Mount Ballmer Will Erupt

“Should you start Westbrook now for defense? Harden's last couple of playoff series haven't been great, Kawhi might not play -- there's resentment there. I love Ty Lue as a coach but I think Paul George is just about over it. You just don't know what you get, eight straight missed games by Kawhi with a knee injury, I've got more questions than I do answers... They'll unravel and the Mavs will beat them."

Lakers Will Get Through the Play-In and The Warriors Won't

“First of all, Sacramento, I'll take them tonight, but then they'll have to beat the Lakers, who they hammered when AD was out-- they won't again. Or they'll play the Pelicans and I don't think that's a great matchup. The Lakers match up very well vs. New Orleans, they hammered them almost every time they played this year. You saw the first half the other night, the Lakers have length, they have size... LeBron just dominates any games against Zion, I think he's 7-1 against him. The Lakers are a great matchup against the Pelicans, and I think if they had to face Golden State after getting hammered at home without AD, no way the Warriors shoot like that, so I think the Lakers get through the play-in and the Warriors don't."

Knicks Get Upset in the First Round

“I know we love the Knicks but they are so dependent on Jalen Brunson. You can win with one star and energy in the regular season, especially at the end of the regular season when half the teams feel like they're tanking. You're not beating Philadelphia or Miami with one guy. So I think right now the Knicks are a better 'story' than they are a team. I love Brunson and the direction they're going, but I think Philadelphia would beat them in about six, and Miami -- five or six."

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