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Rob Parker: If Mike Tyson Beats Jake Paul, Then the Fight Was Fixed

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Watch Rob Parker and Chris Broussard of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple discuss the July 20th Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight, with Parker detailing why he hopes the 58-year-old Tyson ‘gets his head knocked off.’ 

Check out the segment above as Parker mocks Tyson for letting Paul leech off his legacy, adding that he thinks the only way Tyson wins is if they fight is ‘fixed.’

Rob Parker: “I get why people would be interested in seeing this [fight] -- how many times you driven on the highway and you see the traffic slowed down because they see a wreck? They wanna see somebody’s head get popped off. I don’t doubt that there’s interest, but I’m not interested in it, and I wouldn’t pay one dime to watch this. I hope Mike Tyson’s head gets his head knocked off.  
To go from where he was in his career and where he was in the history of boxing, and then to get into the ring with some YouTuber when you’re 58 years old – that's what bothers me. I just feel bad for Tyson that it’s come to that. That he’s got to allow people to eat off his legacy. Jake Paul doesn’t deserve that and that’s my issue with it. I wouldn’t take part in this [If I was Tyson].  
I get why Jake Paul is doing it, I just don’t like that Mike and his people around him would allow him to do that. Tyson doesn’t gain anything. If he beats him, what’s the big deal? And if he gets knocked out and that’s the last image I got to see of Mike Tyson getting knocked out of the ring at 58 years old...?
I can’t believe they’re sanctioning this fight and allowing it to be a so-called ‘real’ fight. I’m stunned by it all. I do pray that Mike Tyson doesn’t have a new nickname when it’s all over, and people will start calling him ‘Pathetic Mike Tyson’. 
Chris Broussard: “If Tyson wins, what will your thoughts be?” 
Parker: “Then it was a fix. A 58-year-old guy with a young guy like that...? His reflexes aren’t the same at that age. Mike Tyson in his heyday wouldn’t even have long fights. All he would do is knock people out in the first 40 seconds. He didn’t ‘fight.’ He had issues when he wasn’t knocking people out in the first round.” 

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