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Eli Manning In The Hall of Fame Is Like Rewarding Mediocrity

Former NFL Player and Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice had an interview with 95.7 The Game, and they asked him his thoughts as to whether New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning's career is Hall of Fame worthy. Rice put it bluntly and said "no." 

Listen to the conversation below.

Ben Maller is an agreement with Jerry Rice's sentiments which wasn't easy for him considering how much Rice destroyed Maller's hopes and dreams growing up as a Rams fan. In fact, Maller has never been more proud of Rice for backing up what he's been saying about Eli Manning for a while now:

"His quarterback rating is actually seven points higher than his career performance. In a year where everyone is saying: 'he needs to be benched,' 'he's terrible,' 'Eli Manning should not be the quarterback of the Giants,' he is actually playing better than his career average as a quarterback. That's a Hall of Famer?"

Listen Below.

Jerry Rice: Eli Manning is Not a Hall of Famer