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New Details Emerge on the Potential Punishment For Deshaun Watson

Dan Patrick: “I talked to a source last night and this source is involved in the conversation here. I said ‘is it fair to say that the punishment starts at a one-year suspension for Deshaun Watson?’ and I was told ‘YES’. That’s where the negotiations START. It could be more and it could be less but they’re also saying that this is a new process that the commissioner hears this and that he hears the appeal. There’s no precedent here, my source said the NFL Players Association will bring up Daniel Snyder, Robert Kraft, and Ben Roethlisberger. The NFLPA’s approach will be to bring up cases as far as discipline. You would get a one-year suspension and be required to go into therapy for this from what I’m told. According to my source, the Texans were enablers. To what degree is something that has been unreported. Did the Texans provide a safe place for him? Then the pandemic hit and that’s when Deshaun Watson went on Instagram looking for these massage therapists. The Texans role in all of this – how did they feel when Deshaun Watson said he didn’t want to play there anymore? That’s been unreported and there’s been very little reporting on the Texans role in all of this. Does the commissioner go after the Texans for their role in all of this? I was told [his suspension] starts at a year and this is what the NFL is concerned about… let’s say you give him 12 games and then there are more accusers that come forward; they’re worried this is going to drag on and that’s why I think there was pressure to settle but you couldn’t settle the other four. My source said if Deshaun Watson had settled these from the start he doesn’t think Deshaun Watson gets disciplined… The longer this goes it feels the NFL will hold firm to ‘you’re going to sit down for the entire year.'” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick drop new details into the Deshaun Watson saga, as Dan says he’s been talking to his source within the NFL ‘involved in the conversation’ regarding Watson’s status with the league, and a potential punishment that could be handed down.

Watson has been hit with 25 lawsuits since March of 2021, all alleging sexual assault or sexual misconduct during personal massage sessions that the Texans did not endorse. One of the suits was dropped for confidentiality reasons, 20 of them were settled this past week, but four still remain, delaying a possible resolution involving the NFL hitting Watson with a suspension for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, which has historically punished players, even ones not charged with crimes, for putting themselves into situations that embarrassed the league's brand and hurt its image.

Check out the segment above as DP explains what his source told him about what we should expect when it comes to Watson’s playing future.

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