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Here's What Really Triggered the Ugly Angels vs. Mariners Brawl

Dan Patrick: “Give me the backstory on this because it’s rare to have something of this magnitude based on what happens in the moment.”

Jeff Fletcher: “Mike Trout has killed the Mariners for his entire career. He has 53 home runs against the Mariners, his most against any team, and the most any player has against the Mariners. He’s hit more home runs against Seattle than any active visiting player has hit at any ballpark where he’s a visitor. Last weekend they played a five-game series against Seattle and he hit five homers in the series. He killed them and four of them were game-winning homers. In one of those Scott Servais basically got killed in the media because he didn’t intentionally walk him. It was in extra innings, they pitched to him, and he hit a homer -- obviously it doesn’t look good. So now you fast-forward to Saturday, Trout comes up as the tying run in the ninth inning, and obviously they’re not going to pitch to him. But instead of just intentionally walking him they pitch around him, and the second pitch goes right over his head and Trout is pretty annoyed with that. After the game, he was as upset and angry as I’ve ever seen him in ten years of covering him. So if you’re the Angels and you see Mike Trout is that upset you have to do something about it basically, so I think what happened on Sunday is that they used an opener for the game and he came out there and threw a pitch to Julio Rodriguez behind his head, and then in the second inning he hit Jesse Winker in the hip, and then it was on… The way the Angels are going, they definitely needed some sort of spark and certainly, this was a perfect opportunity to do something that was going to do something to get people fired up.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Los Angeles Angels beat reporter Jeff Fletcher join The Dan Patrick Show to explain what triggered one of the uglier MLB brawls in recent years over the weekend between the Mariners and Angels, which saw eight players ejected after a melee that stopped play for nearly a half-hour.

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