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What to Expect at Deshaun Watson's Hearing With the NFL on Tuesday

Dan Patrick: “What do you expect to happen tomorrow during the hearing for Deshaun Watson?”

Albert Breer: “People sort of mistake it to be that Sue Robinson, the former U.S. District Court Judge, is just going to hear Deshaun’s case. She’s also going to hear the case from the league and is going to hear the case from the union. The sides have an idea of what everybody is going to be presenting. I think the league has been striding wanting a year suspension. My understanding is that the settlement talks collapsed over the league’s insistence on a year suspension and now they’re going to be looking for something indefinite where he would have to apply to get back in after a year. Then the union is going to ask for a much lighter punishment on the basis of the league’s case not being as strong as a lot of people think it is. The key component to the union’s case is the league tomorrow is only going to be bringing the cases of five women. We’ve heard about the 25 women who sued and obviously other women who have alleged wrongdoing on the part of Watson, but the league is only going to be bringing the cases of five women tomorrow. Then the union’s case is that based on that and based on what we’ve seen with owners like Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, and especially Dan Snyder, a year suspension is way too much. Then after that, she [the judge] will take that under advisement, make a recommendation on penalty, and then it will either go to the commissioner or his designee.”

DP: “Is there a max that the NFL could ask for?”

Breer: “The NFL is going to ask for an indefinite suspension. The term in the CBA is actually called ‘banishment’, which we’ve seen players get that in the past, and essentially what that means is the player is gone for a period of a year and it’s almost like he’s not in the league. His contract tolls, he’s not paid, and then after he’s served a season then he has the opportunity to apply, and in a lot of cases it does end up being a year suspension... But that is what the NFL is going to be looking at, whereas the union is going to be looking at it and saying that based on the cases of Kraft, Jones, and Snyder, and the way the league handled those, a banishment penalty would be way too much. My understanding is that the settlement talks centered on a year suspension and Watson wasn’t going to go for that. The league basically offered that as less than banishment, you just serve a year suspension and you’re back in, Watson's team obviously wouldn't go for that, and the league wouldn’t move off its position so the settlement talks collapsed and we have our hearing tomorrow.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to NFL reporter Albert Breer join The Dan Patrick Show discussing what fans should expect to happen at Tuesday’s disciplinary hearing overseen by U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson, where the NFL is expected to argue that Watson receive a ‘lengthy suspension’ for his role in 24 sexual assault and sexual misconduct lawsuits levied against him.

Check out the segment above as Breer details how we’ve gotten to this point where one of the NFL’s best players is in danger of losing another year off his career.

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