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Colin Cowherd Predicts the 2019 Season Outcomes of All 32 NFL Teams

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Listen to Colin Cowherd predict the season outcomes for all 32 NFL teams. Take a look at Colin’s predicted standings and watch the full analysis in the videos at the bottom.

AFC East: Patriots 11-5, Jets 9-7, Bills 7-9, Dolphins 4-12.

AFC West: Chiefs 11-5, Chargers 10-6, Broncos 7-9, Raiders 6-10.

AFC North: Steelers 11-5, Browns 9-7, Ravens 8-8, Bengals 5-11.

AFC South: Texans 11-5, Titans 9-7, Colts 8-8, Jaguars 6-10.

NFC East: Eagles 11-5, Cowboys 9-7, Giants 6-10, Redskins 5-11.

NFC West: Rams 10-6, Cowboys 9-7, Seahawks 8-8, Cardinals 5-11.

NFC North: Packers 10-6, Bears 9-7, Vikings 8-8, Lions 6-10.

NFC South: Falcons 9-7, Saints 8-8, Panthers 7-9, Buccaneers 6-10.


“When Carson Wentz is healthy the Eagles should be the favorites to get to the Super Bowl.”

“I think the Cardinals will be a wildly fun and entertaining 5-11.”

“I’ll take the Packers to rebound and the Bears to miss the playoffs.”

“The 49ers are the easiest prediction to double their wins.”

“I think the Saints pull back this year.”

“I don’t think Cam Newton has very long in this league.

The Jets will battle for a playoff spot.”

“I have concerns about Cleveland’s offensive line.”

“The Titans are the big winners from Andrew Luck’s retirement.”

“I don’t think this is full man overboard for Indy, I really like this roster.”

FULL analysis below: