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Adam Schefter: Colts Knew Andrew Luck Was Retiring Days Before News Broke

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts
Adam Schefter: “The owner, GM, and head coach of the Colts knew last week and Andrew knew last week. Andrew told teammates on Thursday and Friday. They discussed as an organization having the press conference on Friday or Sunday at 3. I don’t know why they waited to push it off. This is a sad story and nobody wanted to see Andrew leave the game, but when there are that many people who already knew, I’m shocked that this didn’t get out sooner.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter join The Dan Patrick Show to explain his role in breaking one of the biggest breaking news stories in NFL history.

Schefter was the first to announce Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was retiring from football at the age of 29, which sent shockwaves across Twitter and even made ESPN’s website shut down.

Schefter told Dan Patrick that the Colts knew about Luck’s plan to retire earlier in the week, days before the now-infamous Saturday night preseason game, and Luck had begun telling teammates on Thursday.

Schefter says the Colts mysteriously decided not to announce news of the retirement on Friday, which allowed for a leak to get to Schefter that led to him breaking the news on Twitter Saturday night during their game with the Chicago Bears.

Check out the interview below Schefter chronicles one of the biggest moments of his career.