Colin Cowherd Says Baker Mayfield Doesn't Have a High Ceiling

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Colin Cowherd: “Most child actors do not become stars. They’re adorable at eight, super cute at 12, kind of obnoxious at 19, and then by 22 you find out they can’t act. Baker Mayfield is 14th in the AFC in passer rating and has fallen off a cliff… Baker had the best offensive coach in college football, maybe ever, Lincoln Riley… He might not get better coaching in the NFL. He was the oldest rookie quarterback and had the most starts, 44. Is it possible that this is what Baker is? That there’s not a massive room to grow? I don’t think Baker is a wizard, I think he’s 5’11”, kind of brash, and not that athletic. Baker might be way closer to the ceiling than we think.” (Full Video at Bottom of the Page).

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Baker Mayfield may just be the quarterback version of a child actor -- An individual who blossoms at the very beginning of their career, I.e. Mayfield winning the Heisman in college and becoming the first overall pick, then slowly dying off later in their career when we find out they can’t act as an adult.

Mayfield is 27th in the league in passer rating, and only Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Ryan have as many interceptions through two games.

Colin is worried that Mayfield might already be closer to his ceiling than we think, as Colin says Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley may have brought out the best in Mayfield in college… Hence why Mayfield could be falling under that child actor classification.

Check out the video below as Colin details why this mediocre version of Mayfield might be what he is for the rest of his career.


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