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Colin Cowherd Says the Patriots Should Re-Sign Antonio Brown

Colin Cowherd: “New England should make a second-run at Antonio Brown. They already took two runs at Josh Gordon and brought him in and bailed on him, and then brought him back again and bailed a second time. AB’s camp thinks his situation is going to get cleared up before the end of the regular season. It was reported that Tom Brady went to Robert Kraft and PLEADED with him to be patient with AB, and had already reportedly PLEADED to give Josh Gordon a second chance. Why did AB tweet at Robert Kraft yesterday? You didn’t take anything from it?? AB solves their biggest problems and I think they’ll make another run at him. Brady has been snippy and grumpy and it’s not because of the autumn weather. Left tackle pissed him off but now that is solved. He still has NO DEEP THREAT. I think Brady behind the scenes is saying ‘Hey, if he’s clear, let’s give AB another shot!’” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the New England Patriots should and WILL give disgraced former All-Pro NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown another chance with the team, after they had released Brown in last September after a short 13-day stint with the team.

Brown’s PR meltdown rightfully spelled his extinction in New England after an unprecedented streak of catastrophic locker room distractions, but Brown and his team of representations are still working towards a final solution of clearing his name and getting Brown back into the NFL THIS SEASON.

On Tuesday, Brown even took to Instagram to post a formal apology to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who he at one time had ripped hours after being released.

Colin says the timing of AB’s tweet is no coincidence considering the Patriots are severely limited on the perimeter without a home run threat down the field.

Check out the audio below as Colin details why he believes that Tom Brady behind the scenes is begging for Patriots ownership to give AB another shot if his legal misgivings are cleared up.

Colin Cowherd Says the Patriots Should Re-Sign Antonio Brown