Parker's Power Rankings: Rob Parker Ranks His Top 5 NFL Teams After Week 12

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams

NFL’s Top 5 Teams After Week 12 According to Rob Parker -- November 26th (Full Analysis in Audio at Bottom of Page)

5. Green Bay Packers (8-3)

Rob Parker: "I only dropped the Packers three spots. They have three losses on the year but let's not overreact to two bad losses that were in the state of California: Los Angeles (12-26 Loss Week 9 vs. Chargers) and San Francisco (8-37 Loss Week 12 vs. 49ers)

Chris Broussard: "I give you credit for FINALLY dropping the Packers from one or two."

4. New England Patriots (10-1)

Parker: "They beat the Cowboys but I dropped them because it was only against fraudulent Dak Prescott in a big moment. They haven't beaten a single team who will end up being playoff bound."

Broussard: "STOP IT."

3. Seattle Seahawks (9-2)

Parker: "You can't poo-poo Seattle right now and I love what Russell Wilson is doing."

2. San Francisco 49ers (10-1)

Parker: "People were predicting they would come back down to earth, lose to the Packers, and be looking at a Wild Card, but instead they STOMPED Green Bay out."

1. Baltimore Ravens (9-2)

Parker: "This one is obvious. Lamar Jackson is the cat's meow and isn't just all that and a bag of chips, he's TWO bags. What they did in Los Angeles in a game that really mattered to the Rams was so impressive.

Broussard: "Those were your best power rankings of the season!"

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