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Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 15 Game in Just Three Words

Listen to Colin Cowherd summarize EVERY Week 15 NFL game in just three words as The Herd continues its weekly ‘3-Word Game’ every Monday.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway was the Falcons' absolutely shocking road upset over the 10-point favorite 49ers, as arguably the best team in the NFL blew a fourth quarter lead to a team we once thought was arguably the worst team in the NFL. The loss dropped the 49ers from first place in the NFC all the way to fifth, and if the season ended today the 49ers would have to travel to Dallas for a road playoff game.

The other notable storylines included Lamar Jackson all but wrapping the NFL MVP, the Packers ending the Bears' season, the Texans taking a stranglehold of the AFC South, the Chiefs eviscerating Drew Lock, Eli Manning winning potentially his final start ever at Giants Stadium, the Jaguars spoiling the Raiders' farewell to Oakland, the Cowboys destroying the Rams with their running game, the Bills clinching a Wild Card spot over punchless Pittsburgh, Jameis Winston making history with his arm, Carson Wentz's heroics saving the Eagles' playoff hopes, and the Patriots destroying the Bengals as the drama around 'SpyGate 2' intensifies.

Check out the full video above.