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Ryan Leaf Says He's Not Sold on Tua Tagovailoa Being a Good NFL Quarterback

Ryan Leaf: “Tua has done everything in college to make you believe that he’s going to be a great quarterback, I just don’t know if his game translates to the next level. Nothing against the kid, I think he’s amazing, and he throws the ball down the field more accurately than I think I’ve ever seen a quarterback in college. The game is changing and it’s more about getting outside of the pocket and doing things differently, and every time he did do that he got pulled down, he got chased down, and he got injured. That for me is a red flag. It’s going to be a red-shirt year for him. He’s not going to play in the NFL next year.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he has serious doubts into dynamic Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa succeeding at the next level just a couple days after the former National Championship hero declared for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Not only is Tua’s health going to be a great concern going forward, as Leaf believes Tua’s severe hip injury will lead to a defacto ‘red-shirt’ year for Tua next season, but he also doubts if Tagovailoa's game translates to the pros as well.

Leaf, of course, was in a similar position to Tua before the 1997 NFL Draft. Leaf, like Tua, was the second ranked quarterback on the board, as Leaf’s Peyton Manning is Tua’s Joe Burrow.

Check out the video above as Leaf details why Tua is going to quickly realize the NFL isn’t college.