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Chris Broussard Ranks His Top 5 NBA Teams

Chris Broussard Ranks His Top 5 NBA Teams

Top 5 Teams in the NBA according to Chris Broussard:

5. Miami Heat (31-13)

4. Utah Jazz (31-13)

3. Los Angeles Lakers (36-9)

2. Milwaukee Bucks (39-6)

1. Los Angeles Clippers (31-14)

Most Notable Takeaways:

“I have the Lakers at 3. They gotta start beating some of the better teams, and I’m looking at this Tuesday versus the Clippers. I picked the Lakers to win it before the season began, but right now I think the Clippers are the best team.”
“The Clippers have beaten the Lakers twice, LeBron James has looked tentative in both games, and Anthony Davis scored four points COMBINED in the fourth quarters of those games. The Clippers are hungry, tenacious, gritty, and they want a title. I haven’t seen that from the Lakers yet.”

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss his Top 5 NBA Power Rankings with co-host Rob Parker and explain why he thinks the Los Angeles Clippers are the best team in the league, despite having the fifth best record in the NBA.

Even though the Clippers are currently the third seed in the West, they’ve done so with Paul George missing a month and Kawhi Leonard missing 10 games via Load Management.

Not only have they steadied the boat when those two players have missed time, but they have two head-to-head victories over the Lakers, that were both in big-time primetime slots on opening night and on Christmas.

Check out the audio above.