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Colin Cowherd: Tyrod Taylor is Better than 'Average' Cam Newton on Chargers

Colin Cowherd: “Don’t get deeply imbedded into beliefs. Be willing to get new information and move off it, or the perception will become reality. The 'perception' of watching Cam Newton in college, and then watching him up to his MVP year is that he's a great football player. The 'REALITY' is that since the MVP season, he’s not as good as Tyrod Taylor and that’s why the Chargers didn’t want him… Tyrod has won more since that MVP season, has no drama, is 100% healthy, is low maintenance, mature, and is a very easy distributor of the football… I talked to two executives last week that said they think something is messed up with Cam’s arm. He doesn’t throw it the last four years like he used to… Since the MVP, Cam is simply AVERAGE.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Los Angeles Chargers are better off going into the 2020 season with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback than Cam Newton, as the embattled franchise has been blasted in the media this month for seemingly sticking with Taylor as their starter and not chasing bigger names in free agency.

Despite many around the sport hyping Newton’s name to become LA’s next quarterback, Colin says the ‘perception’ of Cam is a lot more than the ‘reality’ of Cam, and says at this point in their careers, he would rather have a humble and steady Taylor than an ‘average’ and immature Cam needing the spotlight.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Newton Stans need to realize that the 2015 MVP Cam isn’t walking through those doors ever again.