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Cowboys Should Sign Jameis Winston to Take Leverage Away From Dak Prescott

Nick Wright: “Nobody questions Jameis Winston’s talent… I get why Pittsburgh makes sense but there is another team that makes sense for Jameis, not only because he would make a great backup and could learn from their new head coach and ‘quarterback whisperer’, but also because it would be a shot across the bow to the agent of their starting quarterback who seems dead set on his client becoming one of the two or three highest players in the history of the sport… I do wonder what bringing in a former number one pick to backup Dak Prescott would do to those negotiations. Right now, Dak seems to want a pay grade that is not commensurate with his production.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys should take a waiver on free agent quarterback Jameis Winston, not only just because Winston is an undeniable arm talent who just led the league in passing yards, but because it could tamp down the negotiating power of incumbent Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, if the team can poke a hole in his leverage by bringing in a viable 26-year-old backup.

Check out the video above as Wright details why the Cowboys have let these fierce negotiations with Dak, ones that could potentially make him the highest paid player in league history, get way over their heads.