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Packers Blasted By NFL Draft Experts For Picking Quarterback Jordan Love

Utah State v LSU
Jay Glazer: “My issue is that they were one game away from the Super Bowl a year ago. ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE SUPER BOWL, and they draft someone for we don’t know how many years down the road… This was the biggest surprise of the first round. I’m not speechless very often but I am right now. You didn’t help your team get from 1 game to 0 games away from a Super Bowl and you just caused a lot more questions between your quarterback and head coach.” (Full Video Below)
Joel Klatt: “This is interesting and I know this is going to raise a lot of eyebrows. It’s not like Rodgers is going to be all warm and fuzzy and develop this kid… They didn’t give Aaron Rodgers a ‘competition’ they just gave him questions and people shoving a microphone in his face and getting him more irritated. Because we know how much Rodgers LOVES microphones in his face… It was all about their inability to stop the run last year and they didn’t force Jimmy Garoppolo TO DO ANYTHING in that NFC Championship game. I mean, think of the defensive players still on the board that could help you in run defense… I don’t think it’s smart at all."
Peter Schrager: “Raheem Mostert is still running from that NFC Championship! I think he just scored another touchdown and Jordan Love isn’t stopping him. I love what Lafleur brought this season and I know he’s an offensive coach and a quarterback guy himself but does this make them a better team in 2020?”

Listen to Fox Sports NFL Draft insiders and analysts Jay Glazer, Joel Klatt, and Peter Schrager rip the Green Bay Packers for shockingly taking Utah State quarterback Jordan Love with the 26th pick of the draft.

Both Schrager and Glazer wonder why a team who was just one game away from making the Super Bowl last year would halt their momentum for 2020 when they clearly needed help in their rush defense. Klatt says incumbent quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t exactly the type of player you want to infuse more drama around.

Check out the video above as the three experts rip Green Bay for the pick.