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Scottie Pippen is Reportedly Upset With His Portrayal in 'The Last Dance'

Scottie Pippen is Reportedly Upset With His Portrayal in 'The Last Dance'

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the recent report that Scottie Pippen is upset with his portrayal in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary.

Pippen is allegedly ‘wounded and disappointed’ about how the documentary has gone thus far according to people close to the Chicago Bulls legend.

ESPN’s 10-part series painted Pippen out to be a sympathetic figure in the first couple episodes, as it was being revealed how criminally underpaid Pippen had been his entire career, but it hasn’t exactly stayed the course ever since.

When covering the Bulls' legendary rivalry with the Detroit Pistons, Michael Jordan effectively blamed Pippen for Chicago losing Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 1990, because Pippen was suffering from a migraine.

The show revealed Pippen admitting that he refused to have surgery in the off-season before the 1997-1998 season, even using the now-infamous 'I'm not going to f*ck my summer up' line as he explained why he waited until the season began to get the procedure done so he would be rehabbing on the Bulls’ time, and not his own.

Last week’s episode centered around Pippen’s infamous moment in the 1993-1994 Eastern Conference semifinals versus the New York Knicks in the dying seconds of Game 6. With the game tied and barely one second remaining, the Bulls were in a timeout drawing up an inbounds play. When Pippen saw that Bulls coach Phil Jackson had devised a play for Toni Kukoc to take the last shot, Pippen became incensed and refused to enter the game. Kukoc would end up hitting the shot at the buzzer, and the Bulls would win Game 6, but later lose the series in seven.

Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb said the documentary has ‘exposed Pippen for what he really is’ and says it’s just proving that Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause, the Bulls owner and GM respectively, were right about not renegotiating Pippen’s long term deal to make him one of the league’s highest paid players at the end of his contract.

Check out the audio above as Chris and Rob detail why Pippen couldn’t have expected much from a glorified Michael Jordan public service announcement, but also admit that 'there's a lot of bad Scottie'.

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