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Carlos Correa Says He Wants to Fight in the UFC

Could we see the first MLB/UFC crossover? It could be very possible.

Houston Astros star Carlos Correa feels he is the best fit out of any MLB player to step into the octagon for a UFC fight. Correa on his own podcast admits he fantasizes about putting on a pair of gloves and getting in the octagon.

“It would be me,” Correa said on a recent MMA Junkie Q&A when asked which MLB player would make the best UFC fighter. “I would love to cross over into the UFC. I grew up boxing and I loved it, but I realized, ‘Man, in baseball, you don’t get hit as much.’ In boxing I’m going to have to be constantly getting hit in the face and stomach in the ribs and that hurts. I stuck to baseball and it worked out well for me. But definitely I would love to try.”

In addition to a bit of a boxing background, Correa said he follows the sport closely. On a recent edition of the his podcast, “The Walkoff,” he accurately predicted Justin Gaethje to beat Tony Ferguson on short notice at UFC 249.

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