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NFL Players Most Synonymous With Their Franchises

Colin Cowherd Plays NFL ‘Logo Association’ and Says Which Football Player He Instantly Thinks of When He Sees NFL Logos.

New England Patriots

“Tom Brady, that’s an easy one. He’s been playing 20 years there and that might be stronger than any single player with any team.”

Miami Dolphins

“Dan Marino. He looks like Miami. He’s got the tan.”

New York Jets

“Sam Darnold. Why are you guys laughing, he’s the future of the Jets! Joe Namath played for a couple of teams.”

Baltimore Ravens

“Ray Lewis. I don’t even think of offensive players. Ed Reed and Tony Siragusa also came to mind.”

Pittsburgh Steelers

“Big Ben for me, and ‘Mean’ Joe Green was second. Symbolically, Jerome Bettis is more 'Steeler' than Big Ben. The Steelers are mostly tough, he’s the ‘BUS.’”

Indianapolis Colts

"Peyton Manning. He’s like Griffey to the Mariners. Even when he was in Denver the helmet didn’t look right.”

Kansas City Chiefs

“Patrick Mahomes.”

Denver Broncos

“John Elway. There is no other answer for this and the ONLY answer.”

Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

“Kenny Stabler and number two would be Fred Biletnikoff. He looked like Raiders to me. He looked disheveled and like he was drinking the night before.”

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