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Tom Izzo: NBA G-League 'Devalues' a College Education For 18 & 19-Year-Olds

Colin Cowherd: “Although I’m happy players will make money in the G-League, I’m concerned that the NBA doesn’t get the value of college basketball as a marketing platform, and I also think college basketball coaches at the top are probably better than a G-League coach. Is it frustrating for you that it now feels like a bidding war that what you offer doesn’t stack up to pure cash in the G-League?”
Tom Izzo: “I worry that we’ve devalued education a little bit. I don’t think we appreciate not only the academic education, but the social education of college. I think it’s very important when a kid comes, even if it’s one or two years, he’s growing as a person, not just intellectually, but I think socially. That’s important when there’s not a lot of pressure on you. Who knows where it’s going, but me personally, I’ve seen a lot of great kids, whether they’re here, one year, two years, three years, or four, it’s advantage for them, and sooner or later they’re going to get the G-League or NBA, if they do ,and it becomes a real business and a real job and they’ll miss college a little bit.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Hall of Fame Michigan State Spartans basketball coach Tom Izzo join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to explain what he thinks about top high school seniors now heavily considering jumping straight to the NBA G-League out of high school, and skipping out on college altogether.

For the first time ever, five-star high school recruits are seriously looking into the G-League because of new salary benefits that have suddenly been boosted the contacts into the six figures.

Check out the video above as Izzo details why although the teens are securing substantial financial sums right out of high school, Izzo thinks they’re missing out on a priceless college experience that they’ll never get back, and miss one day when they’re in the NBA or another profession and experiencing the chronic stress and responsibility of adulthood. Izzo says the college experience, whether learning academically in the classroom or learning socially by connecting with dozens of new friends on a college campus, is something that is vital to the development of young adults, and one that can’t be replicated in the G-League.

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