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Clay Travis Says He's Done With Baseball if MLB Screws Up 2020 Season

Clay Travis Says He's Done With Baseball if MLB Screws Up 2020 Season
Clay Travis: “Sports should be back right damn now, and Major League Baseball in particular. Major League Baseball naturally social distances, the players are relatively far apart for most of the game. It’s easy to play baseball without having to come into contact with very many guys on a regular basis. It’s no longer about health with Major League Baseball, it’s about whether or not guys will take pay cuts and whether billionaires and millionaires can figure out a business relationship to return baseball. This is 1994 all over again… There are baseball players, owners, and executives, who knows, who listen to this show and might start off their morning with Outkick. Let me tell you this in no uncertain terms – I will not go to games in your stadiums for years if you guys can’t get this worked out.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip Major League Baseball as the players and owners and continue to grapple on a revenue sharing split that has put the start of the baseball season into a perilous juxtaposition.

With the coronavirus pandemic knocking half the regular season out, and effectively killing off ticket sales for rest of 2020 as well, players and executives are currently nowhere near a resolution for a season that will have devastating financial ramifications regardless of whether there is a World Series.

Check out the rant above as Clay says he’s not giving baseball another dollar for at least another five years if the MLB screws up the 2020 season, and ends up with another lost season similar to the 1994 catastrophe which saw millions of fans turn their back on the sport forever.

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