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Clay Travis Says MLB Will Be 'Forever Crippled' if 2020 Season is Cancelled

Clay Travis Says MLB Will Be 'Forever Crippled' if 2020 Season is Cancelled
Clay Travis: “Major League Baseball, the players and the owners, can’t be this dumb… Yesterday we got news that Legoland, Universal Studios in Orlando, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and Epcot are going to be open by July 15th. Next week, you’re going to be able to go to Harry Potter World and you’re not going to be able to watch Major League Baseball or the NBA without fans present. Little League Baseball is starting up in many parts of the country by June 1 or the middle of June. Parents are sitting and watching their kids play, yet pro sports can’t get their act together… This is all lunacy. If Major League Baseball, players and owners, can’t come to an agreement here to bring back baseball they will forever cripple the sport. There are 40 million people who are unemployed, and of the people who have kept their jobs, almost all of them have taken pay cuts or alterations to their schedule in some way. This is one of the worst looks I have ever seen from any pro sports league in my lifetime, to be unable to figure out how to be back. Major League Baseball should already be back if they had good leadership. This risk from a health perspective to players is negligible, and there is virtually NONE. You are in more danger driving to and from the stadium than you are from coronavirus if you’re a young and healthy person in pro sports. You are under more likelihood of being struck by lightning if you are under the age of 24, than you are of dying from the coronavirus. This is not complicated, this is straightforward, and this should have been worked out months ago.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast Major League for their botched attempt at a comeback, as negotiations between players and owners towards a 2020 season revenue sharing resolution have been a complete nightmare.

Clay says it’s laughable that even some Little Leagues have already set a date for their return before the MLB has, and says the image of MLB players refusing to come to a monetary agreement during a pandemic in which 40 million Americans have already lost their job, with tens of millions more having taking pay cuts, is the type of ruinous image that can turn off fans from ever following the sport again.

Check out the audio above as Clay says baseball will be ‘forever crippled’ if they continue down this PR catastrophe.

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