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Doug Gottlieb Defends Drew Brees' Controversial Remarks on Anthem Protests

Doug Gottlieb Defends Drew Brees' Controversial Remarks on Anthem Protests

Doug Gottlieb: “Here is the first thing that needs to STOP. You cannot tell me that the fight is for equality, equal rights, justice, the ability to demonstrate peacefully, and free speech when a guy offers up a thoughtful opinion, backs it up with why he has that opinion, and then suddenly gets slammed for such opinion – which by the way is not a violation of your civil rights and never says you can’t protest. He told you what he thinks, why he thinks it, and how it makes him feel. THIS IS THE PROBLEM... The left will tell you that they’re the inclusive party, but if you don’t completely agree with everything they say and how they it, well then you’re OUT, which is counter to the whole idea of the entire thing… "We want freedom of speech EXCEPT when somebody disagrees with our perspective… If you want 'Freedom' to work, you have to be willing to hear the counter-opinion." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the outrage behind Drew Brees’ recent “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag” is ironically misplaced, considering the side that has Brees’ in their crosshairs is supposed to be the group fighting for ‘equality’ and ‘free speech.’

Check out the audio below as Brees explains why we have a big problem in this country, when a player like Brees gets slammed for a thoughtful opinion by an opposition that is simply trying to silence any compelling point of view that they disagree with, without any sort of reasonable debate involved.

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