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Clay Travis: Outrage to Drew Brees Remarks Highlights Country's Intolerance

Clay Travis: Outage to Drew Brees' Remarks Highlights Country's Intolerance
Clay Travis: “People say we need to have ‘HONEST’ conversations, and we need ‘authenticity’, and we need people to say what they really believe... But then when it happens the blue checkmark brigade on Twitter, if you say something other than what THEY believe, people lose their minds. It’s uncanny… I’m a First Amendment absolutist and I think we make bad decisions when everyone is in agreement about everything… Conflict is good. People disagreeing is good. It means that you’re getting ALL sides of every argument out there, and it means that you’re trying to avoid shouting people down. When you have everybody agreeing on everything, what is means often times is that you have stifled dissent. Dictatorships have ‘agreement.’ When Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq he got 99.9% of all the votes for President. Kim Jong-un in North Korea gets every vote of popular praise if you ask a North Korean walking around for an interview. That’s because if you say something bad about Kim Jong-un in North Korea, the Korean State Police comes and grabs you and puts you in jail and you’re never seen again… Totalitarianism leads to agreement. DEMOCRACY should be dirty at times, and they should be ugly at times, and contentious ALWAYS. Conflict is good. We need to stop branding things that aren’t remotely controversial as ‘controversial.’ (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Drew Brees’ recent remarks about the National Anthem, as Brees’ interview with Yahoo Finance earlier this week has become another polarizing topic during a spring news cycle that has been one of the divisive in history.

Despite the comments receiving a tremendous amount of blow back across the NFL and the sports media, Clay believes Brees’ comments ‘weren’t remotely controversial’ and says the dissent towards Brees’ remarks presents a larger problem in our society where it’s suddenly not possible to have educated debates in the media anymore, because one side tries to silence the other side entirely, and thus rendering a final result by means of no contest.

Check out the audio above as Clay details why we need conflict when it comes to stories like Brees’, and says just because a portion of people disagree with what Brees said, doesn’t mean that it’s in anyway untrue.

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