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Clay Travis: Drew Brees' Comments Weren't Remotely 'Controversial'

Clay Travis: Drew Brees' Comments Weren't Remotely Controversial
Clay Travis: “What Drew Brees said is being labeled ‘controversial’. When I heard this quote was ‘controversial’ I was like ‘Where is the rest of it? Where is the controversial part??’ ‘I stand up for my grandfathers who fought Nazis! And helped to make the world a safer place! And think about their sacrifice! And sometimes get emotional with my hand over my heart!' That is controversial?? What in the world have we come to in sports when that’s considered a controversial opinion? I think that’s a hell of an answer on the spot for an athlete who isn’t necessarily expecting to be asked a question like that. People are saying that he should retire and that it’s time to go. HE DONATED 5 MILLION DOLLARS TO CAUSES IN NEW ORLEANS, AND IS A HUGE REASON WHY THE SAINTS ARE STILL IN NEW ORLEANS! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills that I haven’t seen a single person on my timeline standing up for Drew Brees. If you disagree with Brees, that’s your right, but you are trying to find a way to be offended if you are upset by what Brees just said and that’s the truth. I don’t find any of this remotely controversial at all.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis defend Drew Brees after the future Hall of Famer made headlines for comments he made about his intimate feelings towards the playing of the National Anthem before games, his respect for his grandfathers who fought in past wars, and how he wouldn’t agree with anyone disrespecting the flag by kneeling.

The comments were met with much contempt, as the honest remarks that were meant to be thoughtful and emotional admittances about his love for the pregame moment uncomfortably crossed over with not only Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the National Anthem to bring awareness to police brutality, but also coincided with the killing of George Floyd last week while in police custody.

Check out the audio above as Clay argues that he didn’t find any of Brees’ comments ‘remotely controversial’, as Clay details why people in the media fell victim to groupthink once again.

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