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Rob Parker Says National Anthem Should Be Banned From All Sporting Events

Rob Parker: “The NFL can solve two things by taking away from the National Anthem. You can break down long standing traditions and make a change, and also not putting the players in any kind of situation where there is going to be push back on the season starts. It’s not going to be ‘Who’s Kneeling?’ it’s going to be ‘Who’s NOT Kneeling?’ because I believe it will be that many players kneeling befor the game and you’ll just be opening them up for criticism… Before 2009, players weren’t even required to come out for the National Anthem. It became a thing once teams, and the league started getting money from the Defense Department and the National Guard, and then all of the sudden the National Anthem and showing the military, and using it to try and engage younger people to look at the military in a different light is when that came. There is no reason to have it, and if players still want to show a sign of solidarity and unity, then they can come together before the game in the middle of the field and kneel down. They don’t have to have the National Anthem. No other American starts their job every day with the National Anthem, other than athletes and maybe sportswriters.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he doesn’t think the American National Anthem should be played anymore before sporting events across the United States, saying that not only would be it mean the NFL showing its players that they could ‘break down a long standing tradition’, but it would also protect the players from looming pushback from the fans.

Parker pointed out that NFL players weren’t even present on the field for the Anthem before 2009, until branches of the military committed a substantial amount of money to the league for the glamorous on-field ceremonies to broaden their recruitment.

Parker says that no job in America, minus athletes and the sportswriters covering them, stands for the National Anthem every time they go to work.

Check out the FULL segment on Fox Sports Radio at the bottom of the page.

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