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Clay Travis: The NBA and Its Players 'Shut Up And Dribble' For China

Clay Travis: “Chinese authorities went into Hong Kong libraries and pulled down books off the shelves that are pro-democracy. If you protest in Hong Kong right now you are facing years in prison under new Chinese laws. The Chinese authorities are cracking down on protestors so much that they are begging for American support, and in fact, Hong Kong protesters are protesting using American flags as their symbols of defiance. Yet in the United States, the NBA has so silenced any mention of China’s flagrant human rights violations of their concentration camps, and any sort of endorsement of Hong Kong’s democracy. All these guys – Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, LeBron James – they want to pop off all the time and rip our country and rip our President, yet if you tried to get ‘FREE HONG KONG’ on the back of your jersey Adam Silver would show up and try to burn your jersey the minute it was made to avoid offending his Chinese overlords… When you guys hear that the NBA is putting social justice warrior slogans on their jerseys for the return of basketball, does it ring as hollow to you as it does to me based on the way that they’re not allowing their guys to endorse basic human rights in China because it’s bad for business? It’s a hollow symbol for many people… It’s totally a sham. If you want to be social justice warriors then you need to apply the same logic that you are requesting in America, around the world. I am so sick of seeing athletes, whether it’s Megan Rapinoe, or LeBron James, or ‘insert athlete here’, ripping American institutions to the high heavens and then kneeling at the altar of Chinese communists and not saying a word about what they’re doing to their people… The NBA is so full of crap… The NBA is WOKE only when WOKE makes them money, and the minute that real human rights abuses are taking place they don’t say a word, and shut up and dribble for their Chinese masters.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks it’s hypocritical for the NBA to brand itself as the ‘Most Progressive Sports League’, yet conveniently put its tail between its legs when it comes to speaking up on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong that now has the Chinese government imprisoning any pro-democracy protesters.

Check out the video above as Clay explains why he thinks the NBA’s idea to put social justice slogans on the backs of their jerseys is a ‘sham’, saying they would never allow any player to ever write ‘Free Hong Kong’ on their jersey like Rockets GM Daryl Morey infamously tweeted, and instead, would rather just shut up and dribble for their 'Chinese masters' who line their pockets with money.

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