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NFL Condemning Drew Brees But Not Desean Jackson is a Huge Double-Standard

Clay Travis: “How interesting is it to compare the way players reacted to Desean Jackson’s quoting of Hitler and endorsement of stupidity here compared to Drew Brees. I haven’t seen a single NFL player do a tearful video talking about how awful Desean Jackson is for his blatant stupidity and racism against Jewish people. I haven’t seen a single person demanding that Desean Jackson apologize and address the locker room. How is it that Drew Brees, when he came out and said that he stood for the National Anthem and thought it was disrespectful not to stand, got ripped more by NFL players for those comments than Desean Jackson has for his? Where are we as a country when Drew Brees saying ‘I stand for the Anthem because I think it’s disrespectful to kneel’ is more controversial and worthy of condemnation by NFL players than Desean Jackson posting Hitler quotes and disparaging Jewish people? Every NFL player took to the streets to condemn Drew Brees, but when Desean Jackson’s comments about Jewish people went public there wasn’t a single NFL player I have seen that came out and ripped Desean Jackson for his comments. Everybody piled on Drew Brees for something that was just his opinion and wasn’t actually offensive to anyone, and demanded that he apologize -- something I never believed Drew Brees should have done -- and not one pro athlete I have seen in the NFL has come out ripping Desean Jackson for what he said about Jewish people.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks it’s a glaring double-standard that the NFL players unanimously condemned Drew Brees for his debatably controversial comments in support of the standing for the National Anthem before NFL games, while those same players then went radio silent when Desean Jackson reposts insanely anti-Semitic Adolf Hitler quotes on Instagram.

Check out the video above as Clay questions why Jackson gets protected, while Brees gets railroaded.

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