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Clay Travis Blasts 'Idiot' Senator Who Wants College Football Postponed

Richard Blumenthal: “There’s absolutely nothing different between the Ivy League and any division except for the money, to be very blunt… It’s about the money. And if the other schools fail to follow the Ivy League’s lead, it will be only because of the money. And, in fact, it will be another misguided act in a long litany of putting school profits ahead of the people who play for them.”

Clay Travis: “Why is he weighing in on whether college sports should exist or not? Especially when he’s wrong on all the data. Is there anybody out there who is like ‘What does the Connecticut Senator think about whether the SEC should play football this year?’ Is there anyone on the planet who was like ‘Hey, I’m a Big 12 fan and I wonder what the idiot senator from Connecticut thinks whether we should play college football in Texas or not?’ I am so sick of stupidity. There is zero data to support the idea that we shouldn’t be back in school and that we shouldn’t be playing college sports this fall. There is ZERO. Sixty-seven thousand pediatricians said your kids should be back in school and it’s like no one even pays attention… The data reflects that college kids are more likely to be struck by lightning or to die driving to campus than they are to die of the coronavirus, and this idiot, lying, loser, sack of you know what senator out of Connecticut decides he needs to weigh in to tell all colleges that they need to play no sports this fall? I’m sorry, what an ignoramus, and he is a liar. He claimed he served in Vietnam and he didn’t – how did this loser even get elected?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal after Blumenthal told USA Today that he thinks all college sports in the fall should be postponed to the spring because of COVID-19 health concerns, and added that the major conferences will be exposed for being money hungry if they don't follow suit with the Ivy League and cancel college football for the fall.

Check out the rant above as Clay explains why the data doesn’t back up Blumenthal when it comes to students safely returning to schools this fall, and also brings up his messy political past where it was exposed that Blumenthal had apparently been dishonest about serving in Vietnam, when it was later revealed that he never did.

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