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Stop Saying Patrick Mahomes' $500M Deal Means More Money For Dak Prescott

Nick Wright: “If Dak reads this and he’s like ‘Hey, looks like I should have $450 million!' well maybe you should have accomplished 1/5th of what Mahomes has accomplished. Nobody on the Chiefs I believe is going to go to management and say ‘Look at what you gave Patrick, why can’t I have it??’ The answer is because you’re not as good, you’re not as valuable, you’re not as young, and you’re not as important. Like, stop it. For special, special cases you make exceptions. I used to live in Houston and they had a ‘precedent’ that they never negotiate with two years left on a contract. You know who they broke that for? JJ Watt. You know why? Because he was the best defensive player in the league three years into his career, so they needed to. It didn’t set a ‘precedent’ for the rest of the team, it was an ‘exception’ for an exceptional person.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Nick Wright join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to explain why he doesn’t think Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking $503 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs will give Dak Prescott any more leverage in his maddening and fruitless quest for a long-term deal.

Check out the video above as Wright details why Mahomes’ deal doesn’t set any sort of precedent for quarterback deals in the future, and why there are some ‘special exceptions’ made to the best players in every league.

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