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Senator Josh Hawley Blasts the NBA's Hypocrisy For Not Supporting Hong Kong

Josh Hawley: “The NBA makes a tremendous amount of money in China, and this is where the NBA has some obligations. Even before they started this stuff about putting social justice statements on the back of the uniforms just recently, their relationship with China was pretty long standing. When you’re making that much money in that kind of a place, doing deals with THAT sort of a government, which is what the NBA corporate is doing, then when you have a situation like what we’ve had in Hong Kong, or what you’ve got with the Uighurs, who are a religious minority who are literally in concentration camps in China, I think you’ve got some responsibility to say something about that. At least say ‘We don’t agree with that’… The NBA’s ‘Woke’ stance is classic corporate wokeness – nothing that would interfere with profits for heaven’s sake! Nothing that would interfere with their multi-national plan to scoop up money in all these different markets even if that means selling out the American worker and sending jobs overseas – oh, by golly – we will do that in a heartbeat, but we’re WOKE so don’t get mad at us! It’s a huge distraction to try and move attention away from what these huge corporations are really doing… What is the NBA’s deal with China? Why aren’t you saying ANYTHING as you make all this money as an organization? At the very least, if you’re going to put statements on the back of jerseys why wouldn’t you allow a player to wear a ‘FREE HONG KONG’ statement on the back? For that matter, why not support our troops? What’s wrong with that too? Why not ‘Free Uighurs’, the religious minority in concentration camps? The people of China would see that and it would send a message, and show that the NBA is willing to stand up. But ‘oh, no’ we can’t have any of that!... It just shows you that ESPN is not willing to do their job of A: actually REPORTING, and B: asking tough questions." (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to discuss his now-viral email exchange with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Hawley had sent a letter to top NBA executives, league officials, and prominent reporters asking why the league was embracing its players to put relevant social justice slogans on the backs of jerseys when the season resumes, but wasn’t allowing anything supporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Hawley says two minutes after the letter was sent, the popular NBA reporter responded back saying ‘F**K YOU’, in a screenshot that Hawley would later post to Twitter, and thus triggering the viral story that would then include an apology from Wojnarowski, and ESPN announcing they were suspending him.

Hawley told Clay Travis that the NBA couldn’t be more hypocritical when they try to play this ‘WOKE’ card of embracing the raising of awareness of social injustices, yet have been absolutely silent and downright scared at times, when it comes to them acknowledging the rampant human rights violations going on in China right now, who the NBA holds a multi-billion dollar partnership with as the world’s biggest market.

Check out the interview above as Hawley once again asks the NBA why they won’t denounce or even acknowledge China’s human rights violations, which still include hundreds of thousands of religious minorities being held in concentration camps.

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