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Clay Travis Blasts Amazon For Banning the Sale of Redskins Merchandise

Clay Travis: “All these companies are transparently and completely hypocritical. They bend the knee to China like crazy, and China has no human rights. They have actual concentration camps in China right now. Millions of Muslims are in concentration camps in China. While that exists, all these companies have no trouble whatsoever working with China, working with Chinese companies, selling their products, bending the knee, and kissing China’s ass left and right. Sports are a big part of it – NBA I’m looking at you, you frauds. Amazon, Target, and Nike aren’t gonna carry Washington Redskins gear. All of you are so transparently corrupt it makes me sick. I don’t care what opinions you have but be consistent… These companies are social justice warrior BS. Amazon kissed the ring of China and knelt in front of them. Your communist brethren, you’ll do whatever they ask, but you won’t carry a Washington Redskins sweatshirt? Get the F out of here. These stupid slogans on the backs of NBA jerseys say ‘I Believe in Freedom’ except if it exists in China where you won’t support basic human rights.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip into Amazon days after they notified sellers that they have 48 hours to remove all Washington Redskins merchandise from their collections.

Check out the video above as Clay rips into the hypocrisy of Amazon flagging down Redskins apparel, yet they continue doing business in a tyrannical country like China who literally has active concentration camps.

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