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Amazon Joins List of Retailers Banning the Sale of Redskins Merchandise

Jacksonville Jaguars v Washington Redskins

Amazon is the latest in a growing list of retailers to stop selling Washington Redskins merchandise. Amazon notified its sellers that it will be pulling all items featuring the team's name and logo.

According to CNBCsellers will have 48 hours to remove the items or risk having their accounts deactivated.

"With the announcement from the Washington team and the NFL, we are removing products with the team's name and logo from our stores," said the notice, which was sent to CNBC by Ed Rosenberg, who runs an online seller group called ASGTG. "Failure to properly close or delete all restricted product listings from your inventory may result in deactivation."

The decision comes after Nike, Target, and Walmart started removing Redskins merchandise from their stores.

Last week, the Redskins announced they were conducting a "thorough review" of their name. Activists have been trying to pressure the NFL and the Redskins to change their name, arguing that it is considered offensive to Native Americans.

The team's decision was made after FedEx, which owns the naming rights to their stadium, requested the team change their name.

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