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Describing the Greatest Sports Moments Ever in the Most Boring Way Possible

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor play a game where Joy describes one of the greatest moments in sports history in the most bland and unassuming way possible and Colin has to guess which notorious game or moment the comically trifling depiction is referring to.

“Ohio Man Relocates to Florida For Work”

“A Substitute Employee Does Special Task”

“Worker Gets Job Done Despite Late Snack the Night Before”

“Cat Wears Jacket For First Time in a While”

“Butler Denies Guest From Entering House”

“Baby Bears End Long Hibernation”

“Little Brother Runs Away and Completes Pass For First Down”

“Conspiracy Theorists Unties Game”

“Flock of Birds Choke”

“Ball Bounces Four Times and Robot Shows Emotion”

“Defensive Pass Interference Declined, Touchdown Giants”

“Co-Workers Collide in Awkward Area”

Check out the hilarious segment above and try to play along with Colin to guess the laughably simple clues to some of these iconic events.

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