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Players & Coaches Across Sports Who Deserve a 12-Year Patrick Mahomes Deal

Who in Sports Would Colin Cowherd Give a 12-Year Contract to?

Lamar Jackson: NO

“Not yet. He’s 0-2 in the playoffs and I gotta see postseason success. His game, although he’s a thrower, would he be as fast at the end of the deal at 35? Give me another year on Lamar Jackson.”

Deshaun Watson: NO

“He’s had two ACL injuries and I think their offensive line keeps getting worse. I’m not sure that in six years he’s going to be the same player.”

Kyle Shanahan: YES

“I think he’s the most intellectual young offensive coach in football, he’s got a passion, he’s only 40 so he would be 52 years old, which has been the prime of coaching in the early 50’s.”

Trevor Lawrence: YES

“John Elway, Andrew Luck, and Trevor Lawrence – doesn’t mean they’re the best quarterbacks, but they’re the three most guaranteed ‘good’ quarterbacks out of college. This kid is 25-1, he’s 6’6”, he’s mobile, and he’s a guaranteed star in the NFL.”

Zion Williamson: NO

“I got a knee sprain at Duke, a bruised knee in Summer League, and a torn meniscus in preseason. I’m not giving him a 12-year deal. I love him but 12 years?? That’s scary, and a lot of injuries for 19 years old.”

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