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Rob Parker: LeBron James' Career Has Been a Failure Since 'The Decision'

Chris Broussard: “Has the past 10 years since LeBron made ‘The Decision’ been a success or a failure?”

Rob Parker: “Everyone will say 'he won 3 championships and you can’t say he failed', but by no stretch of the imagination did LeBron think that he would have 6 losses on his NBA Finals record. He lost a lot. Who didn't win during the LeBron era?? LeBron was the one who was supposed to set the bar high, and he was the one on stage saying ‘not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5…’ because they really believed they were going to run the table and win all these championships because they had put together this ‘Super Team’ that was supposed to dominate and make LeBron James the greatest player who ever played in the NBA and eclipse Michael Jordan. It wasn’t about just putting up numbers, he had already put up numbers. It was about winning championships, and instead, he went down and did nothing special, winning 2 out of 4. Had they won 3 I would have looked at Miami differently. He melted down against Dallas and that was a team that he should have beaten. Then he started Myspace and Golden State started Facebook… The one thing that he thought was that he was gonna be the guy to put together a Super Team and dominate, but instead HE got dominated by a team who put up a better Super Team… It’s been a failure to me more so than a success.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the 10 years since LeBron James notoriously put on the Live television event infamously nicknamed ‘The Decision’ has been a FAILURE, as LeBron only went on to win 3 championships in those 10 years, including five more losses in the NBA Finals to put his Finals record at 3-6 overall.

Check out the video above.

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